🔥Token BuyBackBurn

Rick and Morty will incinerate (BURN) AUTO BUY BACK AND BURN of their token supply, a strategic move in the crypto market known as token burning. This action essentially diminishes the number of circulating tokens, which consequently reduces availability and can significantly increase the value of each token. Just like the interdimensional exploits of Rick and Morty, this process can quickly elevate the market cap.

To further grasp the concept of Token Burn, check out the explanatory video below. Video explanation >

Indeed, this action will serve as a catalyst to quickly propel the market cap upward, akin to the rapid interstellar journeys of Rick and Morty. As an inherent feature of a deflationary token, a buy-back and burn mechanism is implemented to perpetually reduce the overall token supply. This mechanism's perpetual operation results in a constant shrinking of the token supply, thereby elevating the increasing the value of the remaining tokens.

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