Phase 1 Schwifty

Formulate Squad

Develop and Launch Website

Draft and Publish WhitePaper

Establish Contract Address (CA)

Evaluate and Audit CA

Set Up Telegram/Twitter

Complete KYC with Pinksale

Establish Presale Pool on Pinksale

Phase 2 Ricksy

Incinerate Initial 40% of Tokens

Kickoff Rick and Morty

Commence Marketing Efforts

Enlist on CoinMarketCap

List on CoinGecko

Avdex Listing Initiation

Update Dextools Social Profiles

Incorporate Trust Wallet Logo

Reach 1000 Token Holders

Phase 3 Gazorpazorp

Elevated Marketing Drive

Creation of YouTube Content

Promotion on Twitter

Collaborations with TikTok Personalities/Videos

Forming Strategic Alliances

Attain Tier 2 Centralized Exchange (CEX)

Secure Tier 1 Centralized Exchange (CEX)

Accumulate 5000 Token Holders

Phase 4 Squanchy

The upcoming steps for this phase remain flexible, awaiting precise determination. We're committed to sculpting this stage based on the evolving market conditions, community feedback, and ongoing project developments. Stay tuned as we continue to fine-tune our strategy to maximize our impact and reach new heights.

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